P.A.P Corp. Newsletter 11/3/2009 (view it online)

Healthful Flavors from Europe
The most delicious and healthy European Program by HOTELIA!!!

HOTELIA HRM School participates in the European Program for life-long learning / COMENIUS 'Healthful Flavors from Europe'.
The program started on August 1η, 2008 and will be completed in 2 years.

The aims for the participation of HOTELIA HRM School in this program are:
- The research in the gastronomic traditions of the participating countries.
- The understanding of the ethics in nutrition in Europe.
- The creation of a European cookbook.
- The creation of a diary with useful advises on healthy nutrition.

The choice of this subject derives from the love in cooking and the interest in new creative paths that are based on the gastronomic tradition of Europe.

The aim of this European book is the development of the knowledge and the acquisition of healthy nutritional habits.
By emphasising on the local products and biological cultures of every region, this book will also constitute a modern nutritional map for new Europeans, which wish to eat well but also to know the traditions of the country and the nature where they live.
Τhe first period of the program was realized in "Georg-Kerschensteiner" vocational school, in Obertshausen in Frankfurt, Germany on 16 - 21 February 2009.
The HOTELIA students participated with the escort of Chef Vlahopoulos Konstantinos, assistant professor at the School of Culinary Arts and a graduate of HOTELIA.
The students of HOTELIA had the chance to cook the German recipes, iterant with the students of the other European participants and experience the cultural interchange of this nicely organized program.

Next culinary stop is Halkidiki, and more specifically Alexander the Great Beach hotel of P.A.P Corp., where HOTELIA students and its professors will host the European school participants on May. The Greek Spring recipes will be presented there .The Greek recipes of HOTELIA are based on the use of the local products from Halkidiki and Macedonia region that are already used at the hotels, as well as the company s own home products of biological culture that come from the hotels gardens.

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