Seminar Center for Tourism & Hospitality

Hotel & Tourism management seminars from the experts.

HOTELIA, the educational department of P.A.P Corp.after a successful decade in the field of Hotel& Restaurant Management studies, organizes & executes efficient and effective seminars, exclusively for you.

We believe in Life Long Education, through theoretical and practical training. Tourism is a fascinating working environment, whereas constant education is an obligation of the modern entrepreneur or manager, due to the rapid rhythm in innovation and global competition. However, getting to know all the how’s and do’s of tourism, requires devotion, ambition and creativity, as well as a profound and distinctive program of studies. HOTELIA knows what it takes to succeed in this field first hand, and provides students and the existing working hospitality force with exactly that.

We have created a strong, global network of the most modern & forward thinking universities & schools throughout Europe and the United States.

HOTELIA’s faculty are tourism professionals yielding long experience, as well as global training accreditation. Their frequent participation as lecturers in various European forums on Tourism grants them the knowledge needed to solve any problem in the field, finding direct and effective solutions to all kinds of projects.

The themes in HOTELIA’s seminars focus on :

Environmental issues,


Food Tasting,

Hotel Management,

Marketing & Sales Effectiveness,

Program learning,

Customer Satisfaction Measuring Tools,

Human Resources Management,

Financial & Cost Management

Who can apply: Hotel & Tourism employees, as well as management staff.

Provided that the requirements applied, all seminars can be partially funded by LAEK (Account for Employment & Vocational Training).

HOTELIA also organizes seminars, presenting reputable commentators and tourism researchers from the international arena.

Additionally HOTELIA provides seminars for a specific enterprise based on its organizational needs. These seminars could be executed also at the real environment of each company's hotel . After thorough discussions with the administration, we create seminars exclusively for the needs of the particular hotel.

Hotelia runs also Internship Programs with Hotel & Restaurant Management Schools in Europe & the U.States, in line with the ECVET evaluation system. The programs take place in P.A.P Corp.’s hotels, as well as FZONE, the company’s catering department.

The Subject of the Programs are:

  • Lodging rotation
  • F&B Rotation
  • Culinary Arts
  • Spa & Aesthetics
  • Houskeeping
  • Lodgistics
  • Yield Management

Internship Programs and Student Mobilities are executed in accordance with the European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training :ECVET

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