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About P.A.P Corp.

This year, P.A.P Corp. celebrates its 50th birthday! Visit us and celebrate with us!

In 1968 Pantelis Antoniou Papadopoulos and his wife Konstantia Fotiou Karagiannis co-founded a family of hotels under the name of P.A.P Corp. Over the years this first creative idea has grown into one of today’s most dynamic groups located in Thessaloniki, Greece. Using Greek family principles: credibility, honesty and generosity, as a starting point; this modern and thriving company was built on firm and lasting foundations with HOSPITALITY being the first one.

The result of these values working together was the expansion of 5 branches of activities, each of them based on the original idea behind P.A.P Corp., creating successful companies that are set to face the challenges of our times. The 4 hotels of P.A.P Corp. combine the highest standards of quality and service combined with the warmth of Greek HOSPITALITY.

The third stage of P.A.P Corp's was ARCHITECTURE and the establishment of P.A.P Construction, a dynamic and modern architectural & construction company.

In 1999 F-ZONE was founded, the catering division of the group, and so QUALITY OF LIFE was added.

In 2003 P.A.P Corp. established HOTELIA, Tourism Seminars Center.

All 5 P.A.P Corp. divisions have been developed to the highest standards within their individual fields, but also working together under the same important family values to create a world known as P.A.P Corp. This well organized co-operation, with head-offices in Thessaloniki, has a work force of 250 employees during summer, 60 during winter, and has the total ownership of all 5 divisions of the group. P.A.P Corp. is a member of P.O.X. (Pan Hellenic Confederation of Hoteliers), the Greek Chamber of Commerce and the American-, German- and Italian-Hellenic Chambers of Commerce.

With the greatest respect to the environment and human rights, P.A.P Corp. is also an active member of WWF, EEPF (Hellenic Society for the Protection of Nature), Arktouros, Ecotourism, Clean up Med and Legabiente.

P.A.P Corp's. targets and values have remained the same since its beginnings in 1968, with acquisition of strength and prestige, with respect and priority to the values of life. Today it continues to work toward success, to prevail within the Greek market and to continue dynamically into the 21st Century.

P.A.P Corp. Value Added Services - It’s Aesthetics, it’s Hospitality, it’s Architecture, it’s Quality of life, it's Education.